Top 10 Technology Product Review Sites


1.Cnet Reviews –
Website –
CNET Reviews is place for unbiased reviews of technology products. It is a popular place for reviews about software, mobile phones, games and much more. Find best consumer reviews of technology products.

Cnet Reviews


2. Mashable Reviews
Website –
Mashable covers the top news about all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on. But Mashable also provides valuable reviews about technology products like phone, gadgets, software, automobiles etc.



3. Engadget Reviews-
Website –
Engadget reviews provide applied reviews of gadgets, electronics and other technology products.



4.  Gizmodo Reviews:
Website –
We know as a great gadget and tech blog. It is heavily influenced by Apple, but great articles, technology reviews and leaks published here very regularly.



5.  PCWorld Reviews
Website: the specialist online magazine publish news, reviews, comparisons about tech products like gaming, HDTV, i-Phone apps, laptops, software, security and networking device. They cover lots of technology related products.

PC World


6. ZDNet Reviews
Website –
ZDNET is a powerful web resource for well crafted reviews about business, electronics and technology product.

ZD Net


7. Wired Reviews
Website –
Wired is one of the best-known sources for technology news. They construct reviews and news on incredibly broad range of topics on its both magazine and Website. Website provides exceptionally high quality reviews in well-designed format.



8. PC Mag Reviews
Website –
PC Mag provides latest and greatest PC information and complete inventory of reviews on computers, internet, peripherals, gadgets, utilities and upgrades.

PC Mag


9. Tech Radar Reviews
Website –
Tech Radar allows searching and comparing the latest technology product reviews like computer, entertainment, gadgets and more.

Tech Radar


10. Slash Gear Reviews
Website –
Slash Gear – Dedicated to prominence the most up-to-date personal technology. They review everything from revolutionary technology stuff to the most up-to-date digital lifestyle trend.

Slash Gear