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  • 10 Epic Self Sustaining Architectures Of Future

    10 Epic Self Sustaining Architectures Of Future

    1. LEED Gold Office Tower –  This building is highly sustainable and aims at reducing energy consumption. It has been constructed from glass elements which deliver high levels of transparency and fully integrate sun shading and light reflection system.     2. Centre for Life Science – This is one of the building concept that […]

  • 5 Futuristic Car Concepts

    5 Futuristic Car Concepts

    1. Aventos Future Car For cities – It has been designed taking environment into consideration.  Its design has been innovated keeping in mind future sustainability with electric motors, renewable energy etc. 2.Personal Folding Urban Vehicle – Personal Folding Urban Vehicle by Mexican designer Eduardo Diaz Tostado imagines vehicle for the year 2040. 3 Customizable Renault […]