10 Most Demanding Extreme Sports


1) Quad Biking- Riding a quad bike makes you feel super cool – it’s like a motor bike with hiking boots on its wheels. Sure, walking in nature is beautiful, relaxing and good for the soul. But rampaging across the hillsides on a quad bike is good for the heart.




2) Tobogganing- Make no mistake, tobogganing is extreme sports when you are moving down a hill with four people to a sled – the momentum gets you moving at very high speed. The one thing that has evaded technicians, since it was invented is a full-proof stopping mechanism – you’ve got to ride the hill out or dig your feet in to slow down. Like all winter sports where you are moving at pace, don’t forget to wear a helmet!


3) Dirt biking- You won’t get the leg workout that you would on a bike with pedals, but it requires good upper-body strength to steer a heavy motorized bike around a course.

4) Ice Climbing – Racing up a sheer ice wall with nothing, but two ice picks in hands and the spikes on your shoes might seem inconceivable to most. The best ice climbers are nothing short of acrobats, as they manoeuvre their way up and down the ice with serious agility.

5) Bungee jumping– Bungee jumping is not like other sport, this extreme sport involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord and while it’s over in a matter of seconds, the adrenaline rush you experience will last for much longer period. The memories, of course, will last a lifetime, and this adventure sport is not for the faint of heart.

6) Rock climbing– As now many gyms are offering rock climbing, and it’s possible to enjoy this adventure sport both indoors and outdoors without living at the mountain. Rock climbing looks scary from a distance, and if you are not crazy about heights, this might not be for you. If the proper safety steps are followed, however, rock climbing can be perfectly safe and, at the same time, a real fun.

7) White Water Rafting – White water rafting sport is very dangerous as you will encounter huge waves and rocks. This an exciting thrill ride down a rough flowing body of water on a inflatable raft using paddles to steer

8) Surfing – Surfing has gone on to become not only an extreme sport, but also a culture and way of life with music and film firmly entwined in its culture. Surfing is the world’s most popular extreme sport and is a test of agility and timing. There are several types of surfing these include wind surfing, kite surfing, Body boarding, short boarding, long boarding and large wave surfing.

9) Skateboarding-Skateboarding was originated in California in the 1940’s, when surfers looked to entertain themselves when waves were flat. Nowadays skateboarding is a very popular extreme sport around the world and is mainly used for recreation and a transport.

10) Sky Diving- It is the bigger, meaner version of bungee jumping. Lots of people try a tandem skydiving course as their first introduction to this exciting extreme sport. A tandem sky dive is where you are harnessed to an experienced instructor.

In fact, they even open the parachute for you and after only 20 minutes of instruction in a classroom, you will be ready to leap from the incredible altitude of 15000ft. That’s 2.8 miles up