World’s 10 Most Powerful Couples


1) Hillary and Bill Clinton: They are considered to be the most powerful couple of all time. Despite of some rough phases in their relation they have never turned their back at each other and occupy strong position in each other lives.

Hillary and bill clinton

2) Malinda and Bill Gates: The couple has laid the foundation of Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation and has offered a lot of money for the global health and development. They also work actively to enhance healthcare and reduce poverty and expand education opportunities.

Bill and Melinda Gates

3) Michelle and Barack Obama: Their 16 year marriage has stood strong by dealing with all types of ups and downs. They are responsible for the largest single economy of the world. With each other’s constant support they have always been a real optimist.

Michelle and Barack Obama


4) Marissa Mayer and Zack Bogue: Marissa is the CEO of Yahoo. Her husband former lawyer is an American real estate investor, entrepreneur and also does the role of a philanthropist. With a lot of techie talent and admiration for one another, they are one of the top techie power pairs.

Marissa Mayer and Zack Bogue

5) Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols: Met in an airport waiting room in Paris it changed the fate of Diane Sawyer and Mike Nichols. They both belong to the wild world of media. Diane Sawyer is one of the most creative and an esteemed woman in journalism and Nichols is an Oscar-winning director.


6) Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z: They are music industry’s most successful and critically acclaimed pair. Beyonce has won 16 Grammy awards and Jay-Z 13. Their relationship includes its share of intense creativity and genuine interest in spiritual world and this makes their combination a strong bond.


7) Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller: Diane is one of fashion’s leading ladies and is married to billionaire Barry Diller, CEO of online media company IAC.  Together they both are a business and cultural powerhouse.

Diane and Barry

8) Shakira and Gerard Pique: Barcelona football player Gerard has been dating the Colombian singer Shakira. Not only are they happy in their personal relation but also have successful in their professional lives.

Shakira and Gerard

9) Ellen and Portia DeGenres: TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres married TV actress Portia DeGeneres in 2008. They are equally victorious in their respective careers and have never allowed business and romance to along together.

Ellen and Portia

10) Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi: Apart from claiming global attention through their business they are also China’s most visible and flamboyant property tycoons. They both started their company in 1995, and took it public in 2007.

Zhang and Pan shiyi