List of Funniest and Most Used Oxymorons


These are the funniest and deadliest Oxymoron in Common use.  Enjoy the Oxymora here.

open secret - Quality Oxymoron
seriously funny - Funny Oxymoron
constant variable - Scientific Oxymoron
pretty ugly - Aesthetic Oxymoron
almost exactly - Measurement Oxymoron
found missing - Day to Day Oxymoron
tragic comedy - Funny Oxymoron
living dead - Eventful Oxymoron
extinct life - Eventful Oxymoron
working holiday - Office Oxymoron
deafening silence - Silent Oxymoron
crash landing- Tragedy Oxymoron
silent scream- Tragedy Oxymoron
Clearly misunderstood - Perspection Oxymoron
Small crowd - Measurement Oxymoron
Pretty ugly - Measurement Oxymoron
Virtual reality - Scientific Oxymoron
Original copy - Scientific Oxymoron
Happily Married - Funny Oxymoron
Open secret - Funny Oxymoron


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