5 Futuristic Car Concepts


1. Aventos Future Car For cities – It has been designed taking environment into consideration.  Its design has been innovated keeping in mind future sustainability with electric motors, renewable energy etc.

aventos car-concept

2.Personal Folding Urban Vehicle – Personal Folding Urban Vehicle by Mexican designer Eduardo Diaz Tostado imagines vehicle for the year 2040.


3 Customizable Renault Fly Concept – It is made to offer the pleasure of driving a true sports car by Polish designer Konrad Cholewka. It comes with customizable features, but above all the ease of driving.


4. Peugeot Ozone’s Cylinder Shaped Car – It is a futuristic car by Ozkankoral that takes the form of a glass cylinder. Two circular sides of the cylinder act as giant wheels and are powered by separate electric motors that run on hydrogen-powered fuel cells.


5. Marscar All Terrain Flying Car – While the real road worthy flying Humvee from DARPA is yet to make debut in the real world  we have another spectacular flying car concept from Erik Heidt.