10 Epic Self Sustaining Architectures Of Future


1. LEED Gold Office Tower –  This building is highly sustainable and aims at reducing energy consumption. It has been constructed from glass elements which deliver high levels of transparency and fully integrate sun shading and light reflection system.


LEED Gold Office Tower


2. Centre for Life Science – This is one of the building concept that has been added to  the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Core and Shell Pilot Project. Building focuses on reducing water wastage with the help of current technologies.

 Centre for Life Science


3. Bank of America Tower – It is designed for the location at One Bryant Park, New York and will be equipped with technology that will reuse the rainwater and heat from the sun by maximizing it so that office space is flushed with natural daylight.

Bank of America Tower


4. Residence Antilia, Mumbai – An Indian sustainable building, designed to be residence of  Ambani family by incorporating traditional Vastu elements. Among plenty of ideas there is an idea of rooftop gardens and inner city farms along with current technology.

Residence Antilia, Mumbai

5. BMW Welt, Munich – One of the finest examples of  German engineering with a large photovoltaic array. A network of steel panels will be installed on the roof that helps to heat the building via solar gain.

BMW Welt


6 San Francisco Civic Tower – The building incorporates a plethora of green design features including integrated solar panels on the building exterior and rooftop, a raised floor ventilation system, chilled ceilings, light shelves to increase the penetration of natural daylight into the workspace.

San Francisco Civic Tower


7 Khanty Mansiysk Tower, Siberia – Foster + Partners designed  a 917 foot tall tower in Khanty Mansiysk . This is  workspace capable of withstanding the hot and cold extremes of the Siberian climate. The faceted glass Foster will be used to maximize penetration of natural daylight, increase solar gain, provide insulation in winter and decrease the power needed for artificial lighting.

Khanty Mansiysk Tower


8 DuBiotech, Dubai – This 22 storied  headquarter of DuBiotech will be one of the largest green buildings on earth. DuBiotech will be oriented to maximize daylight, minimize solar gain and regulate the internal temperature in what is one of the hottest climates on earth.


9. Clinton Presidential Library – This building includes a rooftop garden to absorb carbon, reduce rainwater runoff and regulate temperatures.  They have added the features as increased recycling capabilities, green cleaning reduction in the waste through local sourcing and carbon off-setting of all non-renewable energy used.

Clinton Presidential Library


10. Transbay Tower, SF – The 1,200 foot tall obelisk-shaped Transbay Tower will be one of the most iconic structures in San Francisco. A new Transbay bus terminal will be constructed from glass with a rooftop park to absorb the C02 from buses. Transbay Tower will have wind turbines located on the roof, intelligent ventilation of 100% fresh air, light shelves to control lighting and reduce energy demand.

Transbay Tower