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  • Top 10 Celebrities With The Most Facebook Fans

    Eminem is the most-liked celebrity on Facebook with 56,006,575 fans, Rihanna has 54,792,058 fans. Lady Gaga has 50,190,461 fans. Shakira has 49,209,059 fans. Cristiano Ronaldo has 42,832,224 fans. Justin Bieber has 42,469,966 fans. Katy Perry has 42,035,190 fans. Linkin Park have 41,207,013 fans. Akon has 38,075,207 fans. Lil Wayne has 37,010,535 fans.

  • Celebrities Without Any Real Talent

    1. Kim Kardashians - s a celebrity, I loathe you. You are famous for no good reason and have no discernible talent to speak of 2. Paris Hilton - She's a no talent celebrity who got famous for doing nothing to being with.... 3. Kelly Bensimon - Kelly's a woman of many known talents – […]