Different Styles Of Ballroom Dances Worldwide


Waltz: This is a true romantic ballroom dance which comprises of soft, round and flowing movements. This dance form was originated as a German folk dance known as Lander. The two unique techniques of this task are “body sway” and “rise and fall”.


Cha-cha: This form of ballroom dance has its origin in Cuba. It is dazzling, playful and vibrant dance. The constant bending and straightening of knees are the unique movements of this dance.


 Cha Cha

Quick Step: This is a form of ballroom dancing which involves fancy footwork, the glittery costumes that swirl around on smooth moves and technical skills.



Foxtrot: This dance form is a smooth progressive dance which comprises of flowing movements across the dance floor. It is An American Style dance and is originated in United States.

 Foxtrot Dance

Jive: It is one of the five interesting Latin dances. It is a happy and energetic dance with a lot of knee lifting, bending, hip rocking, kicks and twirling of a woman. This dance roots from United States of America.

Jive Dance


Samba: Being originated in Brazil, this is known as a dance of celebrations at carnival celebrations at Rio. The unique characteristics of Samba are rapid steps taken on quarter beats and swaying motion.


Samba Dance

Tango: This is the most fascinating and sensual ballroom dance that has its roots in South America. Here the lady is held in the crook of a man’s arm.